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Shahrukh Khan starrer "RAEES" trailer released !!!

Shahrukh Khan  launched the trailer of his upcoming and most awaited movie " RAEES ". At trailer launch Shahrukh said that  “I am not arrogant or shoddy but I am a very bad boy. I don’t go by rules and do and say weird things. I am very proud to say that normal is lifeless. You have to be a little mean and when you are that, you’re a little bad too. I am extremely bad but my dimples save me,”. Shahrukh Khan shows his pendant which has a pictures of his parents. In "RAEES" Shahrukh Khan palying as  bootlegger Raees Alam, and  Nawazuddin siddiqui   is playing as police officer,  ACP Majmudar.  Speaking about nawazuddin siddqui , Shah Rukh, said, “When all the good artists work together, it makes everyone emotional. I always say about myself that a star comes in poster and takes all the credit but actors like Nawazuddin make us look best on the screen.The movie also stars Pakistani Actress  Mahira Khan  , produced by Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar  and G