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"Fast & Furious 8" : Blasting teaser is out. Must Watch !!!

Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel Starrer , the most anticipated hollywood movie FAST AND FURIOUS 8 teaser is released.This is the eighth installment of most polular franchise FAST AND FURIOUS.Its previous release Fast and Furious 7 was the biggest blockbuster worldwide,it was the sixth highest grossing of all time and 3rd highest grossing of 2015.Will FAST AND FURIOUS 8 beat the records of its previous release ,will it be highest grossing of 2017 ?? Wait and watch till the release of the movie. The official title of the movie is " FATE OF THE FURIOUS ". The movie starring Dwayne Johnson , Vin Diesel , Tyrese Gibson in lead roles.The movie Directed by F.Gary Gray and it is going hit the screens on 14th April 2017.