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Chinese spy balloons have targeted several countries?

Spy Balloon. China has blow up a spy balloon to spy on other countries military area and to grab other secrete information the balloon travels all other county like Japan, India and US. A normal man who is passing near airport absorbed the spy balloon he thought that was a UFO and called police and other Intelligence officers when they observed that was a spy balloon they blasted with air jet in ocean. The “surveillance balloon” has collected information on military assets “in countries of emerging strategic interest to China” such as India China has operated a fleet of spy balloons targeting several countries including India and Japan, a media report has said, days after the U.S. military shot down a Chinese surveillance craft floating over sensitive installations in the country. U.S. officials have briefed its friends and allies including India on the finds of the Chinese surveillance balloon that was shot down by a fighter jet off the coast of South Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean on