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Houston Storm kill 7 , leave nearly 900,000 without power.

  Powerful Storms hit Houston Texas, at least  seven people were killed on thursday as a destructive complex of storms slams and left more than half million homes and businesses without power. Residents in Houston could be without power for weeks after 110 mph winds storm,said officials.More than 900,000 homes and businesses lost power in Houston's Harris County. Officials had said earlier that two people died from falling trees and another person was killed when a crane fell over.The deaths were mostly caused by downed trees,power lines and lightning. Houston Mayor John Whitmire who signed a local state of disaster declaration for the city on Friday, toured the downtown area and said the devastation is significant.  "We urge everyone to stay away from the area for your safety and to allow public works personnel to do their vital jobs," whitmire said. In Friday's news conference, Texas judge Lina Hidalgo,said that at least two tornado hit the region on Thursday night.