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Tomato plant growth tips and tricks.

Tips to Grow Tomato Plants. 

Tomatoes is need of every home it comes under vegetable categories. Tomatoes is the highly demanded vegetable in the world most of the countries export Tomatoes and import and you can find Tomatoes all over the world. Tomato plant can be grown very easy at home and this plant not need much care. Tomato plant can be grown easily with seeds just take Tomato seeds and put it in to the well trained soil and water gently keep soil moisture and avoid over watering and don't let the soil dry keep regular watering once a day. Tomatoes plant takes 5 to 10 days to grow from seeds it depends on the mutation there are many types of tomatoes so it depends on what kind of seeds you choose. After germination of seedlings Tomatoes plant takes 3 to 4 weeks to grow sum types of tomatoes will take 50 to 60 days to become mature and after it become mature it start flowering and start production of the fruits. Tomato plants need support it cannot bear its weight with fruits so give support with a strong stick or use gardening net. 
How to grow tomato plants at home. 
 Take best quality of Tomato seeds. 
 Take well trained soil mixture it should have mixed with compost and garden soil. 
 Take seedling tray or you can use small glass or small pots.

 Fill the seedling tray with well trained soil and put Tomato seeds in that and cover the seeds with soil gently. (Note do not dig deep than 3 to 4 inch.) 
 Water gently and keep it in samey shade (Note do not keep the seedling in direct sunlight until it growth max 5 to 6 inch.) 

 After 4 to 5 weeks Tomato plants will growth 5 to 6 inch in size then take take plants gently and shift it to a big size pot.

 Plant takes 2 to 3 weeks to adjust in new pots and then it start growing. 
 Keep pot in full sunlight it should get minimum 4 to 5 hour sunlight in a day. 
 After 40 to 50 days plant starts flowering.

 After flowering the plant start producing Tomatoes.

 Remove the dry or damage leaves from the plants and don't let the soil dry and do not over-water the plant.
Wait until Tomatoes turns in to its full red color the harvest Tomatoes.

The plant gives more fruits as you harvest them.  
After Tomato turns in to full reddish color harvest the tomatoes and enjoy your organic Tomatoes.


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